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Image Dirty Linen

Dirty Linen

Release Date 2023-06-05
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Mystery, Drama
Stars Janine Gutierrez, Zanjoe Marudo, Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, John Arcilla
Directors Mervin Lazaro, Nancy Arcega, Michael Jacinto, Ronald Jacinto, Dustin Uy

To exact vengeance, a young woman infiltrates the household of an influential family as a housemaid to expose their dirty secrets. However, love will get in the way of her revenge plot.

1. Choices


Despite finally admitting to herself that she had fallen for Aidan, Mila chooses to push through with her revenge on the Fieros. While Lala continues to endure torture, Ador gets away with murder once more by pinning Pule’s death on someone else.

2. Conflicted Hearts


As Leona and Carlos get into a heated fight over the latter's jealousy, Chiara blames Aidan for their family's growing problems. Mila and her team look for a way to cause a stir in the Fiero household and divert their enemies' attention from Lala.

3. Out


Olga tries to pacify Carlos as his suspicions about Leona get out of control, but to no avail. Mila and Max discover Leona's forbidden love affair and waste no time using the shocking information to their advantage.

4. Friendship Over


Aidan and Doña Cielo reach a compromise regarding Mila and their family business. Believing that Olga is covering up for Leona, a furious Carlos confronts his long-time friend until the brutal reality of their situation hits him.

5. Depravity


Max finally finds Lala and tries to save her, but the Fieros' arrival leaves him with no choice but to bide his time and watch his battered ally repeatedly suffer at the enemies' hands. Leona goes back to the Fiero mansion despite Olga's pleas.

6. No Escape


Max saves Lala, but the two get separated as the former fights Carlos, Ador, and their men. While Abe and Mila anxiously wait for the pair’s return, Aidan finds his girlfriend missing in the middle of the night.

7. We Will Survive


While Lemuel's relentless investigation begins to pay off, Lala steels herself to continue seeking vengeance against the ruthless Fieros. Sensing something amiss after Carlos returns home, Leona anxiously looks for Olga.

8. Breather


Learning of what Carlos did to her lover, Leona urges Olga to hide for the time being. Unaware of Lemuel's developing pursuit, Alexa and her team take a breather from their mission. Meanwhile, the Madrigaleses brew a sinister plot.

9. Nightmare


10. Fall Out


Tension rises at the Fieros' party after Mila accepts Aidan's marriage proposal in front of everyone, leaving Sophie heartbroken and disgraced. Max and Lala face danger as they search for their loved ones' graves.

11. Kudos


Aidan beams with joy as Mila accepts his marriage proposal. Lemuel’s small celebration with his loved ones is cut short by a report of an intruder. However, nothing can be more disruptive than the shocking news that reaches Doña Cielo.

12. Through the Fire


Following Doña Cielo's threats, Leona hatches a plan to get what she thinks she deserves from their family. While Carlos falls apart at the seams and lands in a tragic situation, a disguised Mila encounters Lemuel at the Fieros' cockpit.

13. Grief


Grief plagues the Fiero household when the news of Carlos' unfortunate demise reaches them. Unknown to Alexa and her team, Lemuel pins the incident on them following his scuffle with an unidentified woman.

14. Implications


While the family mourns Carlos' death, Doña Cielo brings Leona's affair into the open and accuses her daughter-in-law of killing her son. Max takes action in an effort to thwart the police investigation against him.

15. Mourning


Leona tries to clear the air with Aidan about her affair and defends her lover from his malicious accusations. While the people of El Hambra join the Fieros in mourning Carlos' death, a resentful ally puts on a sympathetic mask.

16. Loss


As the Fieros lay Carlos' remains to rest, an emotional Aidan vows to avenge his father's death. Emotions run even higher when not just one, but two unwanted guests show up uninvited at Carlos' funeral.

17. Broken Pieces


Trying to pick up the broken pieces left by Carlos' demise, Leona reiterates her and Olga's innocence, but Aidan remains doubtful of his mother's words. Lemuel obtains more clues that may lead him to Max.

18. The Culprit


Nico's efforts to comfort Chiara draw spiteful reactions from the Fieros, forcing the grieving teen to demand an impossible request from Mila. Later, Alexa is taken aback by Lala's shocking confession.

19. One Down


Lala's plan backfires, putting Max and their team in a tight spot. While the guilty Fieros tremble as ghosts from their past return to haunt them, a determined Aidan sets out to uncover the truth behind his family's spiral of problems.

20. Wreckage


While Aidan struggles to come to terms with the skeletons in his family's closet, Alexa remains torn between her growing feelings for him and her team's mission. Chiara seeks solace from Nico after getting wind of Leona's affair with Olga.

21. Developments


Chiara receives a harsh scolding from Doña Cielo for staying the night at Nico's place. Alexa obtains a shocking and crucial piece of information against the Fieros after Aidan's expansion plans alarmed his guilty family members.

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