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Image Melur Untuk Firdaus

Melur Untuk Firdaus

Release Date 2023-04-22
Runtime 42 minutes
Genres Drama, Family
Stars Anna Jobling, Meerqeen, Fimie Don, Haleeda Mazlin, Zainol Ismail
Directors Zamri Zakaria, Arield Mohd Rifin, Wan Mahani Wan Hasan

Melur Untuk Firdaus is a 2022 Malaysian television drama series directed by Zamri Zakaria with a script by Wan Mahani Wan Hasan. Starring Anna Jobling, Meerqeen, Nesa Idrus, Fimie Don and many others, this series is an adaptation of the novel My Rude Wife by Cik Nor Cinta and started airing on Slot Lestary, TV3 from 27 May 2022 until 15 July 2022 replacing Do You Love Me Captain..